Care and Feeding of a Truther

Stayin’ alive

Truthers aren’t exactly an endangered species. In fact, if anything, I think truthers are increasing in number. But we still need to take care of ourselves so we can be around to fight the good fight. Here are some helpful hints to keep you reading 500 tweets a day and making impactful YouTube videos.

  • Take a day off each week. Hey, even Alex Jones doesn’t broadcast on Saturday. And God rested on the seventh day. Most people find their increased productivity makes up for any time lost taking a day of rest. Anyway, the Sabbath is about rest, but it is also about faith. A day off helps us to remember that the fate of the free world does not really lie in our hands. God is the One who keeps the world turning on its axis, not us.
  • Eat well. Any truther worth his or her salt realizes that fast food and processed food are a part of the NWO plan to dumb down and slowly destroy mankind. Don’t help them out by grabbing a burger or stacking a sandwich with nitrate-laced deli meat, fatty mayo and BGH cheese. Take a little time for an organic salad and maybe some roasted veggies.
  • Sleep sometimes. Yes, you have a day job, and, yes, you have to scour the Internet for new revelations, but you have to sleep in order for your brain to have few enough toxins so you can accurately process what you learn.
  • Get out of the house. Go see a ballgame; better still, go play a ballgame. You can’t see absolutely everything through that blue-glowing computer screen. Talk to some real people. If your focus is too narrow you will lost the ability to place what you learn in context. In order to be effective at communicating the truth you learn you must know what people find interesting. If you don’t enjoy the company of non-truthers, find yourself a nice Liberty on the Rocks group, or get involved with We Are Change. Try not to be isolated.
  • Appreciate beauty and culture. Remind yourself why you are fighting for truth and freedom by looking around. Visit a museum, go to a concert, read some poetry. This will help you value human beings and love them, thereby finding inspiration for your quest for truth and the spreading thereof.
  • Value and love human beings. If you don’t do what you are doing for love, you will eventually become bitter, disillusioned, and ineffective.

Care and Feeding of a Lady Truther

Lady truthers are more rare than guy truthers, and may require extra care. Don and I know quite a few couples in which the guy partner is interested in breaking out of the matrix, but the lady partner wants to go on with life as usual, denying as much potentially dangerous truth as possible. How can women be persuaded to become lady truthers? The same ways lady truthers are cared for.

Most women want to have some sort of sense of security and stability in the world. Learning that much that appears to be reality is in fact a carefully engineered veneer over the true reality is traumatic for nurturers; mothers and grandmothers.

In order to live with the truth of the truth it is helpful to women to be able to have some hope for the future, value for the experiences of the past, and comfort and enjoyment in the present. Pleasant family times lend a feeling of security. And good memories are things that belong to us no matter what.

So it’s the weekend. Go try to relax, show some love, have some fun and make some memories.

Here are some vids just for fun. I’m pretty sure these guys are / were freedom fighters.