Should the Seeing Be Content to Lead the Blind or Open Their Eyes Instead?

Identify no evil?

This week a pastor whom I generally respect wrote a blog stating that Holy Spirit told him not to be an activist, because activism implies an effort / desire to control people. He wrote that he was aware that “activists” would be disturbed and disagree.

While I agree that our goal in speaking and writing must not be to control the thoughts of others, some may never have heard truth, and may be in such a deep slumber that even when they do hear truth it eludes them. There are none so blind as those who will not see. Those who do not easily see or hear what is going on around them might require ‘acts’ and stronger communication to become aware of their peril.

Sometimes the only difference between ‘activism’ and powerfully propagating truth might be the intention of the heart, which is impossible to recognize in another unless GOD gives us specific discernment.

For instance, many would interpret JESUS’ overturning of the money tables in the temple as activism. He likely knew that act would trigger the full wrath of the establishment. It was certainly one of the most direct ways in which to confront the established religious and monetary systems. One might say that virtually every statement he made about the established religion / government of the time was a form of activism.

Mario Murillo is one of the few well known preachers who has taken a strong and very public stand against some of the evils in our nation. Is he an activist or a truth seeder?

There might be many reasons to remain mute and hidden in this political climate. Faith in CHRIST is probably not one of them.

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