Could Brown’s Gas (Hydroxy) Fix Fukushima?

Brown’s Gas has the ability to safely neutralize radioactivity

Fukushima is in the news again. Apparently the dreaded CHINA SYNDROME has occurred, with the radioactive materials melting the final layers of containment.

What now?

This is a new day, with a new American President, and greater hope for the future than the US has experienced in some time. How about a new approach to this old problem of radioactivity?

Some years ago I had the honor and the privilege of meeting one of the men who discovered / developed Brown’s Gas. The experience of the team was remarkable, not least in the fact that they had all been given a vision–separately–of a blue rose.

They learned that hydroxy, as they called it, has many beneficial uses, with virtually no toxicity and few dangers. For those more taken with pop culture than with science, please note that Keanu Reeves played in a film called Chain Reaction that tells the story of the men who worked with this miracle fuel. For those who prefer science, I offer two videos, one of Dr. Brown, for whom Brown’s Gas is named, and another addressing the possibility of safely disposing of nuclear waste via hydroxy.

I’m only offering a hint of the vast possibilities for using Brown’s Gas. There are many potential practical uses. I passionately hope Fukushima will be safely cleaned up, but on a somewhat smaller scale, what I really want is a Brown’s Gas garbage incinerator so I can hold with the long cherished American tradition of burning my trash, only now without spewing stinky black smoke.

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