Is An ELF Shower Making You Emotionally Dirty?

Are you somewhat puzzled by the seeming disconnect between different factions in our country? Do you wonder why people are so vehemently insisting they are right and everyone else is wrong? Why do human responses traditionally considered normal seem to set off armies of radicals?

Those aren’t rhetorical questions. Something just doesn’t seem right about much of what is going on in America in early 2017. What could it be?

A UCDavis Professor, Darrell Hamamoto, has some thoughts on that subject. He believes that we are actually being beamed. Yes, beamed. Focused Extra Low Frequency waves are being aimed at populations in order to alter our mental and emotional states. That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

But is that too far out of an idea to accept? I will let the brilliant Professor Hamamoto make his own case:

This interview from last summer gives somewhat more detail, along with providing a context for understanding why anyone would do such a thing – and who those ‘anyones’ are:

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