Conservative and Liberal Berkeley Students Condemn Violence

Can we all just get along?

I sense we are all getting tired of this unrest; ALL Americans.

We have problems, yes, but we all share our most significant problems. The time has come to set aside racial division. The time has come to stop listening to those who seek to divide us.

Yes, Donald Trump is making distinctions between people groups. He’s making distinctions of the sort a parent might make. Here’s what I mean: say your kids were constantly bullied by some neighborhood kids. Food became scarce, and the neighborhood bullies began eating at your home frequently, and when they did so, there wasn’t enough food for your children. Kindhearted though you might be, as a parent, would you not stop the neighborhood bullies from eating the food YOU provided for your own children?

Is it cold hearted to dismiss the neighborhood bullies? It might seem so. Yet, even JESUS told a foreign woman that He wouldn’t heal her child because “…Healing is the children’s bread…” Yes, he healed the child afterward, but clearly stated the obligation is to provide for one’s own children first.

Donald Trump is the one with the parental obligation to distinguish between the Americans that require care and sustenance, and the neighborhood children who aren’t his first responsibility.

What is our obligation? To love one another. A smile goes a long, long way toward good race relations. A warm, genuine smile can dismiss fear and overcome hatred: PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR.

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