Convergence: House Passes Anti “Fake” News Bill Just As Obama Ponders Becoming a Media Mogul

Or perhaps we should call him a new media sheriff

On December 1 the House of Representatives passed a bill to set up “…A new, interagency panel to suppress Russia’s alleged attempts to ‘exert covert influence over peoples and governments'” as reported by The Washington Post via RT America (I just love the irony of reading that li’l blurb on RT, don’t you?).

Alex Jones expressed great concern that the bill will be used to interfere with independent journalism.

“It’s the end of the year, and that was just the House,” I thought, “No big deal”. Then I read the rest of the article. The Senate is expected to vote on it before the end of the year.

“Wait,” I thought, “Don’t these guys always take a really, really long Christmas break?” Then I remembered: The Federal Reserve Act was passed on Christmas Eve of 1913. EEK!

“Well,” I thought, “Maybe Obama won’t sign it into law.” Then I saw a Jerome Corsi tweet:


How convenient for, as Chris Rock referred to him, “Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama”! In one swipe of a pen (or click of button to emit electronic signature) he will bestow upon himself the means of eliminating any unwanted competition.

Of course he will sign the bill into law, given half a chance.

Then, he will be able to go out and build a media empire — and you can pretty much bet it will be in competition with independent media. Wait I thought he said businessmen don’t actually build businesses. Oh, well. I don’t suppose HE will build it himself. How many favors do you suppose George Soros owes him? Maybe that old Daddy War Bucks (more like Daddy Stole From His Own People Going to Concentration Camps) will fund his new enterprise.

Look out, Breitbart! Look out, Drudge! Look out Alex Jones! There’s going to be a new sheriff in Media Town, and if you don’t like it, well, you’re just racist.

Is that in bad taste? Oh. I’m sorry.

Wait. No, I’m not

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