Top of the Roller Coaster to You!


These are wild times, as anyone with eyes open will attest. As we approach the elections in November, with so very much at stake, doesn’t it feel as if we are on the first hill of a rollercoaster, just about ready to take the plunge?

Due to some issues with WP themes (one loses some of one’s customization when themes update), 99th Monkey has received an extensive facelift. Although we don’t do the daily news video anymore, this site is a repository for a broad amount of information that explains much of what really drives (yes, the esoteric, conspiracy-oriented stuff) current events; the stuff of which history is made.

In confusing times, it’s helpful to have a good foundation of understanding why things that happen, happen. We hope that we have presented some valuable information here. Having updated many links (YT seems to pull some really good stuff), we realize there is some good info here. We hope it is of some service / benefit to you as you prepare to take the plunge into the future history of the November 2016 elections.

Just to keep this info relevant to our outlook on the election of the new POTUS, here is a site where you can research some of the story of Hillary (and, just for fun, if you’re an Amazon Prime person, check out Primary Colors):

Hillary articles on Infowars
Hillary articles on Infowars

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