13 Big Lies of 2015

Thirteen: one for each month of the year — according to the Mayan calendar, which observes thirteen months.

  1. Diminished magic
  2. Health vs true healing
  3. Toxins as food
  4. Respectability as holiness
  5. Gender / instinct sabotage
  6. Fake tribalism
  7. Gaslighting via media
  8. Bastardization of alternative media
  9. Education as propaganda
  10. War brings peace
  11. Federal Reserve: It’s a Wonderful Lie
  12. CO2 is poison
  13. “He killed ’em with they love”


Diminished Magic
You are a magical being. Humans are made in the image of Creator, and are endowed with the ability to create.
To whom does what we create belong? A Bible blessing is that we might be able to eat the fruits of the works of our hands. What we create is entrusted to us, and we are meant to benefit directly from our works: “…In all labor there is profit…” In keeping with this truth, I believe protecting intellectual property is right.
However, in a general sense, that which flows out of human DNA belongs to all of humanity. I believe in collective / genetic memory.
The magic of being human with the ability to create is both an individual reality and a collective reality.
Corporations like Disney, Sony, and others want to claim ownership of virtually all of the fruits of the human ability to create as their possessions. The prime example of collective / genetic memory is fairy tales. Disney has claimed fairy tales as their own property.
Companies like Dow and Monsanto claim to own life itself, as well as the right to alter the foundation stones of life. In order to make these claims they have had to demystify life. They have taken the magic out. They claim we are animals: clumps of cells that randomly have the ability to do certain things. They strip the significance from human existence.
There is magic in seeds. There is magic in fairy tales. There is magic in life and in the human heart. Why do Companies wish to own these things? So they can sell back to us what GOD has already given us; what is already ours.

Health vs Healing
People & governments want to sell us “health care”. What is “health care”? The people I know who entrust themselves to that system are far sicker than the people I know who don’t. Is medicine meant to heal, or is it meant to line pockets of those selling it to people who are dependent upon it due to chronic conditions that are never healed?
Many people have expressed these ideas far better than I can. To learn about this issue, look up websites of Barb Feick, Dr. Mercola, and the Health Ranger. Suffice it for me to write that this whole system is based on a lie. Many true healers have been killed in order to silence them. Continuing to believe the lie that petroleum / chemical based medicines are the path to health can easily cost you your wellbeing and / or life.

Toxins Masquerading as Food
Have you read or heard the term “food like substances”? Plastics, conditioners, fillers, “pink slime”, and genetically manipulated growths incorporated into substances eaten by humans and those dependent upon them all qualify as “food like substances”. They are like food, but they aren’t really food in the conventional sense. They aren’t anything like what your great grandparents may have eaten.
The operative word when considering nutrition is ‘life’. Plants are sustained by minerals, water and sunshine, but only that which has been alive can sustain animal life. Life seeks life. The body has difficulty processing what it does not recognize as life.
The most recent food news strongly reinforcing how imperative it is to buy / eat organic foods has to do with the harvesting of red dwarf wheat. Not a GMO in the strict sense, this wheat has been intensely hybridized, and is the main ingredient in wheat bread. The harvesting method that is of concern is the intense spraying of glyphosate as a preparation for harvest. Here are three links that may be helpful in understanding this particular concern:
The gluten in wheat has long been blamed for various human ailments. While gluten may be a challenge to the human digestive system, there is little doubt that glyphosate is very harmful to multiple body systems. This article from Dr. Mercola suggests that it is a strong contributor to autism and Alzheimer’s: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/04/15/glyphosate-health-effects.aspx
As I write there is a deep struggle for the rights of humans to access plant life in an effort to provide living food via natural seeds. Corporations wish to patent life (Monstanto is currently striving to own the tomato http://www.infowars.com/new-level-monsanto-tries-patenting-natural-tomatoes/), and the preservation of seeds is becoming illegal in some places: http://www.thestate.com/2014/12/28/3896553_seed-libraries-struggle-with-state.html?rh=1 http://realseeds.co.uk/seedlaw2.html

Respectability as Holiness
I once read about a vision a prophet had in which the “armies of hell” were marching. One of the banners under which they marched was “Respectability”. Press releases, media manipulation and philanthropic endeavors can purchase respectability for a person — but that should not be mistaken as holiness, or true Christian character.
I don’t know how far back to go in order to identify lies to mislead, if possible, the faithful away from our love for Yashua and His love for us. Martin Luther comes to mind. So does Francis of Assissi even further back; and the accounts from Ian Clayton that early nuns wore very long habits to cover the fact that they were often so anointed that they levitated. Even Yashua Himself struggled against the world system that tried to religionize faith in order to keep people separate from a power relationship with Creator.
The effort from today’s world system is both somewhat randomized and general, as well as being planned and very focused. Fritz Springmeier recently recorded an interview exposing how Christian groups have been systematically infiltrated for the purpose of blocking a powerful flow between Holy Spirit and human soul:

Gender / Instinct Sabotage

Alex Jones has been a significant voice warning of this issue. Just as we require seeds to grow food, the survival of the human race requires successful relationships between men and women.

Fake Tribalism
We are endowed with natural survival instincts. If these are turned off or misdirected, we are easier to subdue. In the place of natural devotion to family and community, marketing drives us to pick a winning team. We are directed to be passionate about either Ohio State or Michigan; Coke or Pepsi; Microsoft or Apple. Rather than being knit together in and loyal to life-sustaining communities, social engineers press us toward drawing our identity from allegiances that have nothing do to with sustenance.
Beyond that, our human passions for family and community are manipulated to create division between races, sexes, and along false lines that will tend to sabotage our national identity and unity.

Gaslighting via Media
“Your instincts are wrong. You don’t have the ability to determine reality for yourself. Facts aren’t enough; you must be told what to think.”
Gaslighting is the practice of convincing someone that he / she is unable to determine what is taking place, and what the implications are of what is taking place. News is presented to us under the premise that we are imbeciles who can’t interpret the world around us. We are told what to believe, what to think, and when to think it.
This is not an accident. Great efforts and great expense have been directed toward controlling human thought. Media is tightly controlled by only a few big players. In the era on which we are focusing, this effort began in 1917, a few short years after the Federal Reserve was instituted. This article is one of many explaining how this originally came to be: http://www.mindfully.org/Reform/Morgan-Buys-Newspapers9feb17.htm

Bastardization of Alternative Media
Over the last years I have watched alternative media very carefully, trying to discern truth. Some media is from a Christian point of view; some advocates for alien intervention in human affairs. Some writers channel information from spiritual sources, and others very carefully vet all stories requiring multiple sources before releasing them. Among many varieties of alternative media, many seem to convey a sincere desire for wholesome change. However, based on the information in the previous point, we must be aware that, if social engineers were willing to spend in order to purchase newspapers to craft public opinion in 1917, they are more than willing to spend to purchase / establish alternative media sources to confuse, divide, and misdirect those who are aware of the treachery inherent in conventional media, who are endeavoring to find alternatives in Internet sources.
How can we be sure the alternative news we are receiving is true? The effort is challenging, and one reason I am taking a break from producing a daily alternative news summary video. Alex Jones, though accused of “fear mongering” or presenting news in a negative light, thoroughly vets his sources.
There are many traps set for us; many false paths offered to us. We need to be constantly on our guard. As Peter wrote, we have an enemy who roams about constantly, seeking someone to devour. Don’t let it be you!

Education as Propaganda
Don and I did were on an extended road trip last summer. We saw some very sad cities in desperate need of restoration. There were a couple of places we noticed a lot of money being spent: health care facilities, and educational facilities. Why would these be spending priorities? Because these institutions are agents of tightening state control.
Education no longer offers as priorities traditional learning. Elementary schools used to be called “grammar schools” because grammar is the first step in learning according to the tradition of the trivium. Educational priorities now seem to be political correctness and sexual preferences. Ron Paul holds modern American education in such disdain that he has put together a curriculum for homeschoolers. Here is his opinion on Common Core: http://www.infowars.com/ron-paul-common-core-is-really-the-last-straw/

War Brings Peace
Some of my liberty loving friends passionately hate the tradition of royalty, and don’t even like to read Fulford because he occasionally writes that royalty are participating in plans to restore the earth. Though stories of pedophilia and Queen Beatrix’s role in maintaining tight Illuminati control over the world’s resources and people are very unsavory, I don’t have any particular disdain for royalty.
Why? Historically, much of the cost of wars were borne by the leading monarch. Not only did they spend some of their own fortunes to engage in battle, they typically rode out with the troops. I find that very significant. Their assessment of risk in determining whether to fight was personal, at least in part. Going to war cost them something. If we were to reorganize our US Republic, I would suggest that anyone who has a voice in a decision whether to go to war be required to actively participate in the war; anyone who decides to fight remains with the troops. Historically, kings, princes, and even queens have done no less.

Federal Reserve

CO2, or Carbon Dioxide, Is Poison
The other day we were picking up some firewood at our local hardware store. Don noticed some pellet fuel that was labeled with a warning that in burning it might release carbon dioxide and other cancer causing substances. Wait. What? Carbon dioxide was lumped in with chemical toxins. Carbon dioxide IS NOT a toxin!
It is a by-product of animal life (we are a form of internal combustion engines), and a crucial requirement for plant life. Twisting people into fearing carbon dioxide is a very big lie, crafted to manipulate us into surrendering a better quality of life, while accepting higher tax rates via “carbon” taxes.
As an aside, if alternative energy sources were released for easy access, we could reduce “carbon emissions” without requiring sacrifice.
One of the really big lies being told is that carbon dioxide is THE MOST significant pollution issue facing us, while genuine threats like nuclear radiation, oil spills and many and varied sources of water pollution are meant to go virtually un-noticed.
I have a suspicion that frightening us with carbon dioxide induced climate change is at least partly a cover for the sort of desertification that is likely with widespread use of glyphosate, which kills virtually all plant life in its path.

He Killed Em With They Love
Anyone who has seen the film The Green Mile will likely remember John Coffey’s insight into the murder of the two sisters: “…He killed ’em with they love…” The sisters were threatened with the harm of the other if they didn’t go along with the killer, whose intention was always to kill both of the girls.
The social engineers motivated to destroy humanity by degrees have discovered means to use our own good intentions to get us to sign the warrants for our own destruction.
Our emotions are played like harp strings with commercials that make us feel sympathy for mistreated animals while human children die hungry in the streets. They evoke a desire to kill Syrians by telling us that Syrians are responsible for killing children — when the real story involves CIA backed groups. They get us to surrender our freedom by making us afraid of our fellow man, when the true threat to our safety comes from the puppeteers holding the strings of the institutions that control our society.

How can we wisely respond to the lies and manipulation? By accepting responsibility for our own lives and behavior. We might have to think. We might have to read. We might have to debate. We might have to swallow our pride and admit that we have been wrong; that we have been foolishly misled.

The truth is there for us to find. It is actually hiding in plain sight. We only have to look to see.

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