July 28, 2014: American History & Recent Events in the Context of Banksters Stealing Life Force

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The banker / spider threat

99thMonkeyNews7-28-14: #American #History & recent events in the context of #banksters stealing our life force

Vladimir Putin Exposes the NWO

Company in Which Joe Biden’s Son Is Director Prepares to Drill Shale Gas in East Ukraine

Company In Which Joe Biden’s Son Is Director Prepares To Drill Shale Gas In East Ukraine

Busted! MH17 Was Flight MH370 Lost Flight

Busted! MH-17 Was in Fact the ‘Lost’ Flight MH-370

David Icke: Problem Reaction Solution & Flight MH17

World Turns Against Jews Because of Israeli-Gaza Conflict

Foundation of Mass Mind Control
Foundation of Mass Mind Control

The Globalists Asymmetric Warfare Tactics Could Trigger Nuclear War

10 Ways True Feminism Is Under Attack

10 Ways True Feminism is Under Attack

10 Companies Control Enormous Numbers of Consumer Brands

Federal Judge Declares DC Ban on Carrying Handguns in Public Unconstitutional

Federal judge declares D.C. ban on carrying handguns in public unconstitutional

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