July 22, 2014: Giving Honor Where Due

American patriots & heroes
American patriots & heroes

99thMonkeyNews7-22-14: Giving honor where due: to Matt #Drudge, an appeals court judge, and all #whitehats & goodguys everywhere

Goldman Sachs Managing Director Found Dead

How Matt Drudge Changed the World

Bush Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu & Other Senior Nazionists to Be Arrested Soon

False Flag Plane with Dead Bodies

Wilcock Comments on Fulford Blog
David Wilcock comment(s) on Ben Fulford’s 7-22-14 Article…

Appeals Court Deals Huge Blow to Obamacare

Conflicting Obamacare rulings on subsidies

Obama’s Law Prof: “I wouldn’t bet” on Obamacare’s Survival

Obama’s Law Prof: ‘I wouldn’t bet’ on Obamacare’s survival

Airlines Re-Route Flights to Israel

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