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99thMonkeyNews5-28-14: Lesser magic and trying not to ignore the man [men] behind the Bilderberger curtain

CNN Thinks Michelle Obama Can Sign Bills into Law
They still wonder why their ratings are in the toilet? The IQ of these whorespondents is lower than their body temperature. http://youtu.be/ixXberGwzM8 read more

Here Come The Bilderbergs: The Complete 2014 Cast And Host Nation Breakdown

The only thing more ominous for the world than a Fed raising interest rates is a Bilderberg Group meeting. The concentration of politicians and business leaders has meant the organisation, f…

Luke Rudkowski Arrested While Covering Bilderberg 2014?
http://youtu.be/O43I5E_xW9A Via We Are Change: As soon as the cameras were taken, Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks were placed under arrest by the Copenhagen Police Department. FYI some of Luke…

Infowars Featured Stories · ‪2m ago‬

Infowars Reports Onsite From Bilderberg
Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson break down what has happened during past Bilderbergs and what they expect to happen during this present one.

Zap / Poofness Report


A.D. 2010: Zibniew Brzezinski “It is infinitely easier to kill 1 million people than it is to control them.”
Even though this video clip is four years old, it offers much insight into global and national interests, politics, and loss of governmental control over the media and therefore over the min…

Argan – The miracle beauty oil that also tames heart disease, diabetes and arthritis

(NaturalNews) Argan oil. It’s all the rage among those who treasure flawless skin and glossy hair. But the advantages of the oil aren’t just skin deep — numerous health benefits have also b…

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