99th Monkey News May 23, 2014


99thMonkeyNews5-23-14: Even California is getting into the nullification act!

Vid ETA 9:15 Central at this link:

@zerohedge: No Plans for Military ‘On Ground’ in Nigeria: Pentagon Spokesman. So the military is on the ground already?
@DRUDGE_REPORT: Issa: White House Contacted YOUTUBE During Benghazi Attack… http://t.co/Fybxx0kGn0
@TenthAmendment: RT @NullifyNSA: California Fourth Amendment Protection Act: “This Could Be Huge!” http://t.co/pl3OhW2D0e
@maxkeiser: RT @NigelWatson6: We’re seeing the death of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency The dawn of the Petro-Ruble says @maxkeiser https://t.co/pZ4Ht0QETk
@davidicke: Remember: #Halliburton May Pay $500 Million To Keep #Cheney Out Of Prison http://t.co/fLPAWrCnxv
@davidicke: Inside the CIA’s Sordid Role in Creating a Global Health Emergency http://t.co/poK0pJ26GF
@zerohedge: China’s Rising ‘Working Class Insurrection’ Problem http://t.co/JzhWWZ3jIq
@HealthRanger: New research has found that GE soy causes deformities in pigs. No wonder they don’t want it labeled: http://t.co/ZtIhoiYrp7
@jonrappoport: RT @EVaccines: THEY want public funding to work on a vaccine so brace for impact: Suspected cases of MERS investigated in Virginia http://t.co/BHVjNVZoIi

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