99th Monkey News April 23, 2014

What's at the core of common core?
The rotten core of Common Core?

99thMonkeyNews4-23-14: What is the core of common core? Also the #Bundy paradigm and a possible cure for #Ebola

Lavrov: Russia Will Respond if Eastern Ukraine Is Attacked

State Dept. Can’t Name One Clinton Accomplishment

IRS Delinquent Employees Receive Bonuses

How Pat Tillman Was Used to Promote the War that Killed Him | Brainwash Update [VIDEO] http://youtu.be/Ux-GYo21wSw

Truckers Against CARB

Left Coast Gamble: CARB Forces Tough Yearend Decision for Many Owner Operators

MyNYPD Twitter Campaign

The Core, of Common Core is Consumerism

Christian-Zionists #problem – #Khazar #DNA | #Intellihub #News

The Craving Chart

Michael Shanklin & the Global Secession Movement


The Bundy Paradigm

Possible Cure for Ebola Found

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