99th Monkey News February 26, 2014


99thMonkeyNews today: the federal gov / #FDA push to destroy #organic farming; understanding #electionfraud; #FinancialTimes and Reddit actively hiding relevant truths; and #JonRappoport reveals Whole Foods = Monsanto in other guise

Your Corrupt Gov: 78 Members of Congress Have Family Members as Lobbyists — 100 Connected Family Members Splitting $2Billion in Lobbying Contracts

Greenpeace Co-Founder : No Scientific Evidence of Man Made Global Warming

Supreme Court Hands Police More Power to Conduct Warrantless House Searches

Thank You Mr. Jones! Homeschooled Children Thank Alex

Feral Gov Attacks Family Farm

Federal Government / FDA Mission to Close All Organic Farms; Monsanto Is in Control, Organic Farms Calling It Quits: What We Can Do!

Why Trolls Start Flame Wars: Swearing and Name Calling on the Web Shuts Down the Ability to Think and Focus

Programmer Under Oath Admits Computers Rig Elections

Scandal Episode on Election Rigging, “Defiance”

Reddit Censors Big Story about Government Manipulation and Disruption of the Internet

Here Is the FT’s Gold Price Manipulation Article that Was Removed

Court Rules Off Grid Living is Illegal

Top Shareholders in Whole Foods and Monsanto: Identical

Air Force Reservists Exposed to Agent Orange in Post Vietnam Planes: Study

Gov Study: 75% of Air and Rain Samples Tested Positive for Monsanto’s Roundup

Dietary Supplement Users Are More Likely to Receive Necessary Nutrients, Make Better Health Decisions

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