99th Monkey News February 24, 2014

Protestors for hire churning up strife in the world
Protestors for hire churning up strife in the world

#CIA vs legitimate sovereign governments such as #Ukraine and #Venezuela; and #Comcast vs #Netflix in a battle for a free internet — have #HouseofCards and other offerings propounding truth made Netflix a particular target for Big Media?

Opposition, pro-govt rallies grip Venezuela…

International Press Missing The Real Story in Venezuela

Ukraine. Bercut captures American agent, consultant unrest | Alternative

Interim Ukraine Leader Stresses EU Relations

Weekly Fulford Blog

Comcast Throttling Netflix

Netflix House of Cards

A New President for the U.S.A.: The fact of the matter of our republic’s history, that all of our Presidents, …

Netflix has to pay Concast to stop throttling back its website

Founder of Comcast Calls It a Monopoly

Missouri Republican: Common Core skeptics are paranoid lunatics and should wear tin foil hats

Gore warns Kansas: ‘Dust Bowl coming back, quickly, unless we act’…

Cruz to CNN: ‘Global warming’ not supported by data…

5 Feb CNN Poll:57% of Americans think terror attack likely @Sochi2014 GC:No toothpaste/Tampax bombs? Fear/Hysteria,Amer’s greatest commodity

Surprise for Obama’s North American Agenda

Surprise for Obama’s North American agenda

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@jonrappoport: RT @PEACENOW_: Nuclear Waste Neutralization Technologies http://t.co/9vhg5HUBam #Fukushima looking for off-switch? @BulletinAtomic http://t.co/y99wrt28Ho

@JasonBermas: Obama’s TPP Negotiators Get Big Bonuses From Wall Street http://t.co/mGlNsgMCkt #PoliticsAsUsual

@donaldpirl: ▶ David Icke – ADL, Zionism and The House of Rothschilds need to be exposed – YouTube http://t.co/U9paLW2oX4 #fb
@davidicke: ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ Laws Are For You (Not The Elite) http://t.co/AIsBh3rFAL
@DRUDGE_REPORT: ‘We can break protesters’ legs. No one will punish us’… http://t.co/RXKNJkpvBm

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