99th Monkey News February 20, 2014


99thMonkeyNews 2-20-14: Waking up America — though the names have been changed to protect the guilty, #KevinSpacey said the most fictionalized aspect of #HouseofCards is the speedy passage of an education bill. Additional news of the day includes a call from #LyndonLarouche to jail #Obama, and 10 aspects of a war against American men.

War on Men

Are the Olympics Like the Hunger Games?

Why Does Ukraine Seem So Much Like Syria?

NSA Weighs Retaining Data for Suits

The Coming Silver Storm — Comment from Karen Hudes

Ukraine & WW3

Why Did People Take Cr__ from Kings? They used to offer protection

Obama Plans to Put Government Monitors in Newsrooms

D’Souza: “I Will Not Be Stopped by Obama”

Arrest Obama for His Crimes

Napolitano: Impeach Obama Is the Only Way to Stop His Executive Actions

House of Cards Reality

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