99th Monkey News November 26, 2013

Autumn Sky
Autumn Sky

Police in SF Bay Area are objecting to new California gun laws, Gerson is offering an online cancer healing class, and David Wilcock believes we are near a tipping point for bringing a restoration of liberty and justice–this time, perhaps, for all.

YT ETA 2 PM at this link:

CDC: More than 20% of 14 year old Boys Diagnosed with ADHD

Herding Vaccine Theory a Complete Hoax and Failure

Did Columbia Crew See UFOs?

Death of Ison: Comet of the Century to Fizzle and Break Up

US, UK Officials Worry Snowden Still Has Doomsday Collection of Classified Material

David Wilcock November Blog

California: Bay Area Gun Laws Will Result in Confiscation of Police Gun Magazines

Gerson Basics on Demand

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