99th Monkey News November 20, 2013

Freedom to prisoners!
Freedom to prisoners!

Government slush funds and old media bastions are like fences built to hold back the progress of humanity; but even zombie humanity can knock down a rickety old fence.

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$8.5 TRILLION in Taxpayer Money Doled out by Congress to the Pentagon Since 1996…Has Never Been Accounted for

CAFR Hidden Government Slush Fund

New Media Wars: the Empire Strikes Back

Dutchsinse Video Prompts Filipino Scientist to Deny Geophysics and HAARP Technology

Encrypt the Web Report: Who’s Doing What

Enough Was Done to Answer Israel’s Legitimate Concern to Finally Sign a Deal with Iran

NY Times Rejects Monsanto Science

Weaponized Banking, Cyber Security, Hacking and Electronic Theft of All Personal ID and Information

I Sold My Bitcoin; Guess What I Bought

Hyundai to Market Hydrogen Vehicle Next Year

Donald Sutherland Hopes Hunger Games Stirs up a Revolution

TWD Zombie Fence

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