99th Monkey News November 19, 2013

Porn destroys relationships
Porn destroys relationships

The Illuminati plan to use porn to destroy male potency & heterosexual relationships is succeeding. Also in today’s news, jobs numbers and the Pentagon budget have both been shown to have been fudged; the gas industry funded a pro-fracking documentary; Walmart employees don’t make enough to have Thanksgiving dinner without assistance; and Brittany Murphy’s dad says her hair samples show that she was poisoned with TEN heavy metals. Today’s good news is that Yahoo is responding to people’s desire for private emails by encrypting files beginning early 2014.

YT ETA for vid to be live is 1:30 at this link

The October 2012 Pre-Election Jobs Report Was Faked

Gas Industry Funded Pro-Fracking Movie Truthland

Blood Avocados: The Dark Side of Your Guacamole

Number of Mexicans Crossing US Border Lowest in Decades

Walmart Employees Asked to Donate to Needy Co-Workers

Pentagon Forged Financial Documents Amid Failure to Manage Budget

SOPA Rides Again: USA’s Secret TPP Treaty Outlaws Phone Jailbreaks and Unlocking, Introduces Crazy Copyright Law

Brittany Murphy’s Dad Tells GMA Daughter Was Poisoned

Getting Vaccinated Is a Civic Duty, Warn Health Experts

Porn Is Making Men Impotent

Researcher Makes Bombs & Guns Using Airport Gift Shop Items

Yahoo to Encrypt All Data Flowing Between Its Data Centers by Q1, 2014

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