99th Monkey News May 15, 2014

99thMonkeyNews5-15-14: Today is the day to let the #FCC know how we feel about Internet freedom! @EFF makes it easy. Alert: Imperial Psychiatric Empire Is Invading the Mind http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/alert-imperial-psychiatric-empire-is-invading-the-mind/ Spying […]

Pearls of Liberty May 10, 2014

http://PearlsofLiberty.com Pearls of Liberty 5-10-14: From Knights Templar to #PuertoRico / #IRS : the origin, genesis and MO of pirates: beware! Secrets of Planet Earth Revealed http://youtu.be/pRJfVOe6Fo8 Neil Keenan on […]

99th Monkey News May 5, 2014

99thMonkeyNews5-5-14: Will we see the arrest of 737 world evildoers? Will Ukraine be the Waterloo for the Bush – Rockefeller crime syndicate? Just maybe. Leo Wanta Website http://wantarevelations.com/2014/05/coast-coast-radio-stations-documentary-film-approved/ “$27.5 Trillion […]